Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jungle Walk 12.7.2010

We celebrated Islamic New Year (a National Holiday in Malaysia) by going on a jungle walk at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia. Eileen's driver Rafiq picked us up at our apartment and surprised us with a traditional Indian breakfast which was enjoyed on the way to FRIM.

Eileen isn't too happy enjoying her Idli (slightly sour steamed cakes made from a fermented rice-flour batter) with tomato chutney and coconut chutney.

Prior to entering the jungle, we stopped at this little store to buy some bananas in case we encountered some wild monkeys. We unloaded half of the bananas on the way up the mountain as they were getting too heavy to carry! I only spotted one monkey from a distance and didn't get the chance to feed it. Sorry Abby!

The trail that we hiked took about two hours to complete and was very challenging. It was like hiking the gorge at Robert Treman several times!

The canopy walk was closed for maintenance

The trek continues...

One of the streams we passed along our way

A local family having a picnic near the mountain top

This roof was just covered!

More jungle scenery

We happened upon the Malaysian Tea House. It was really amazing and we we'll eat here next time!


ZapaPhoenix said...

wow, that's just beautiful!!! can we do a walk like that in good sandals, or are sneakers a must?!

Captain Rizzo said...

Mom did it in sandles,but it was difficult. I suggest sneakers.