Saturday, July 14, 2012

HHS 7/5 - 7/7 2012

After the Fourth of July holiday, we set sail for Herrington Harbor South, a resort marina about 20 NM south of Annapolis.  Zoli, our crazy Hungarian exchange student whom we hosted several years ago came back to the States for another visit.  The winds were light, the sun was relentless, with air temps over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  It cooled off to 85 degrees at night...woohoo!  To venture out on a trip like this in extreme heat causes one to think he should have his head examined!  (pictured above "Forever Eileen" I like it!)

Knowing ahead of time that it was going to be hot, I purchased a 12 volt fan for Jamie.  The fan worked well and kept him cool while we were underway.

A pic of Domingoman from across the marina.  Photo credit to Eileen as she took this pic while on a walk with Zoli.

In order to keep the cabin somewhat cool, I hung a tarp over the boom to shade the coach roof.  Best quote of the trip..."Chris, I like what you did with the IKEA bag!"  circa Zoli!  The IKEA bag is large for a bag, but isn't 9'X12'!!!

Having drinks with our friends, Glenn and Sunny at Mangos (S/V Solare).  The house specialty is orange or grapefruit crush.  Tropical treats with lots of rum!

So, after sweating it out Thursday night, I called a meeting of the crew on Friday morning.  Each had one vote and I had two!  Choices were to leave HHS on Friday and go back home to air conditioning and lose the money we paid for the slip on Friday night, or gut it out again. Zoli and Jamie immediately said, let's stay.  I kind of shrugged my shoulders and asked Eileen what she thought.  She said let's stay we did.  We spent the entire day poolside jumping in every 10 minutes to cool off.  Then Eileen had a brainstorm...she said, why don't we sail back to Annapolis tonight.  What a great idea!  We left HHS at 21:00 and arrived Port Annapolis at 00:30.  It was much cooler and we had the bay to ourselves.  The moon was almost full and we had an amazing time!  The one very cool thing was seeing all of the bioluminescent jellyfish light up as our bow wake disturbed them.  Apparently, jellies do this as a defense mechanism.  In spite of the heat, we had a great trip!  

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