Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sailing with Hal & Sarah 6-1-08

Sarah, an accoplished sailor is at the helm under full sail. Winds were light out of the NW. It was actually warm on the lake today! Lake temp is still in the 40's, but headed in the right direction!

Hal takes a turn at the wheel. We had to wipe the bugs off of his teeth!

Jamie endures yet another sailing adventure!

Ahh, what a way to cap off an afternoon out on the lake! This is the smaller of two hot tubs at our marina (right next to the heated pool).


The Cornell's said...

Did you know I used to swim there? My friend's parents used to keep there boat there, so we would go swimming :)

Have you happened to stop at Wiersma's Grocery store? That was my first job working as a cashier back in High School. Lynn and Larry are the owners... or at least they were when I worked there... Mike might own it by now (their son).

Captain Rizzo said...

That is cool Bri! Great facilities at Eldean's! Wiersma's grocery store is another story. Nobody told them that we are in the 21st century. I am keeping it a secrect as well. Talk about stepping back in time! I made the mistake of asking where the beer isle is! The butcher said NO BEER HERE. Wow!