Monday, June 30, 2008

Cruise to South Haven

Okay, so we took our first distance cruise. We joined our friends Tim & Julie on a trip to South Haven which is 25 nautical miles from pierhead to pierhead. On our trip down, we beat against a fresh South-Westerly breeze in heavy seas and registered 40 nautical miles. It took a while, but we made it! It started to rain once we arrived in South Haven. Eileen took Shiloh for a much needed walk as I was preparing to get Jamie off of the boat, hurrying as it was starting to rain. Here is where I get the “Bonehead of the Year” award. I stepped off the dock, my foot slipped, and I smacked my knees on the toe rail on my way into the drink, cell phone and wallet in pockets of course. Tim had the presence of mind to lower my swim ladder so I could get out of the water! Thanks Tim!!
We enjoyed our time in South Haven and headed home on Sunday. We had West-Southwest winds and reached all the way back to Holland on one leg (no pun intended)! It was a very nice sail at impressive speeds! All-in-all, it was a great trip. Here are some photos of our adventure!

Jamie hanging out in the cabin on Saturday

Julianna headed south

The captain icing his knees and bruised ego!

The port at South Haven (facing west)

South Haven facing East

Tim & Julie, Chris & Eileen with our boats in the background

Another shot of our boats

Tim cooking bratwurst on the trip home!

Shiloh trying on my racing shoes!

The best wife in the world. She puts up with my desire for adventure!

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