Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th, 2008

Independence Day, "it is so cool, it's awesome" (Zoli, circa, constantly)! We were joined by Leah and Matthew, and surprised by a visit from Stephanie (and crew)! We sailed in fantastic conditions, winds NNW at 10 kts and waves less than two feet!

Jamie and Leah on the way to the marina.

Avast, a shot of Matthew not looking at the top of the mast!

Now here is a shocker!

Stephanine and crew manning the wheel on a reach back to the Holland harbor!

Back on land at last! "Not sure I enjoyed that!"

What is with the lanyards guys?

Our shy guests, Linda and Maggie, joined us for dinner and fireworks.

The grill master and the not-so-shy guest, Greg. He goes with Linda and Maggie!

One happy mom!

Hey, are you smoochin with my daughter...again?

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