Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mark & Kathy 9-21-08

Mark and Kathy, our daughter-in-law's relatives from Grand Rapids joined us for a sail today, along with their kids, Sadie and Keesen. What a blast! Great to have kids on board! It was a beautiful fall day with light East winds and flat seas.

We proudly flew the colors of the Poor Man's Yacht Club off the backstay. We also had a rendezvous out on Lake Michigan with Juliana, our friend's from Porter, Indiana. When we got back to port, we finally got the flag halyard strung through the block on the spreader, so I can now fly the colors properly! We took tons of pictures and here are the best of them...
Sadie and Keesen on the bow

An action shot of all three ladies on board!

Not sure, but I think Mark is enjoying this!

Jamie celebrating Octoberfest a tad early! NOT.

Keesen at the cool is this?

The PMYC colors

On a run back to Holland, Mark is using a boat hook as a whisker pole as we sail wing & wing! Juliana off of our port bow.

Sadie thinking...dude, you are pretty high up!

Keesen thinking this is high enough...I was just kidding about going up to the spreaders...I want down!

Sadie giving it a shot

Strike two

Yes! We have a flag halyard!

Hoisting the burgee flag for the first time, Mark supervising

The finished product

This is the sign on one of the pilings on our finger dock. Jamie bought this for me a few weeks back.

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The Cornell's said...

That didn't look like a fun day at all. I'm glad I wasn't there. ;)