Friday, June 15, 2012

Star Spangled Sailabration

The Star-Spangled Sailabration, June 13-19, is an international parade of more than 40 tall ships and naval vessels.  These ships sailed into Baltimore for the national launch of the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 and the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner. These ships are truly incredible! 

Pictured above is a view of the Inner Harbor from the 30th floor of the Marriott Hotel.  I attended a breakfast reception here on Friday and the views were amazing.  Below are various shots of the tall ships.  You can click on the photos to enlarge them or click on the highlighted text to see more information.

NVe Cisne Branco, Brazilian Navy

BAE Guayas, Ecuadorian Navy 
Those are men standing on the various booms!

The Lady Maryland, a living classroom.

 ...and we have representation from Asia!
KRI Dewaruci, Indonesian Navy

The bowsprit and eagle are impressive!

 KRI Dewaruci bow shot

Aboard the KRI Dewaruci, which was closed to visitors as the crew was preparing for a reception to be held later today.  As I approached the vessel, the aroma of clove cigarettes wafted from her deck. I greeted some of the crew in Bahasa and welcomed them in their local language.  Selamat Pagi (good morning) they eagerly shouted back!  I was quite surprised to be invited aboard for a picture!  Who knew my limited Bahasa language skills would ever come in handy here in the States?  This vessel was absolutely amazing.  The detail in the woodwork is totally not captured here.  It was really a treat to take hold of that wheel and imagine what it would be like to be at the helm while underway.  It took the crew five months to sail her here from Indonesia!  Selamat Datang (happy welcome) Dewaruci!  

 NVe Cisne Branco

ARC Gloria, Colombian Navy

Sailabration 2012 will continue throughout the weekend and the ships will set sail again on Tuesday.  This is the biggest sailing event that Baltimore has ever hosted.  What a neat experience to be a part of it! 

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Dan N Jaye said...

Impressive photos! Loved your story about visiting the Indonesian ship.