Sunday, June 24, 2012

Team Asia

On Saturday, it was all about Team Asia!  It was a gorgeous afternoon.  Could have used a little more wind, but we had a good sail. 

We grabbed lunch at the Portside Cafe and headed up to the Chessie Lounge to partake! 

Christina and Eliot prior to departure.

 Getting ready to hoist the sails

Han Jon out on the bow taking it all in.  He was our resident photographer for this excursion!  Han Jon is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has been in the States since last Sunday.  He goes back this coming weekend.  I am really glad that he was able to join us!

Hey Chris, do you have a spare pair of sunglasses on board?

Do you have any men's sunglasses?  Sorry mate, that's all I have! 

Captain Kate!  We went by a boat and the skipper had on one of these hats.  Kate said, "you need to get one of those hats!"  Truth be told...already have one!

Christina at the helm

It was a great afternoon.  Thanks to all four of you for participating in (dare I call it) The First Annual Team Asia sail!

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LeahMatthewGail said...

nice! they are lucky to have a coworker like you!!!