Saturday, July 24, 2010

Padre's 40th Birthday Sail 7-23-2010

On a blistering hot Friday night, we took our dear friend Chris Dunn (Padre) out for his birthday. What an event-filled sail we enjoyed! We had a steady 9 knot breeze from the South and cooler temps on the Bay than the triple-digit temps being experienced on land! We ended up sailing 15 NM before all was said and done!

Happy 40th Chris!

First and Second mates!

Yasa Team from Majuro, Marshall Islands. It really is amazing how big these tankers and freighters are!

Here's a red and white Zweigle hots while sailing on a reach with the auto pilot! These along with the awesome salads Eileen prepared ahead of time made for a great meal on the Bay!

Heading back to port before Dylan called my cell phone to let us know that he and Elise were just coming out of Lake Ogleton, just off our port bow! We came about and headed back out for more adventure!

Well, we hooked up...literally. Elise came aboard Domingoman and...

Eileen disembarked and boarded Jinx! Since we didn't think about sending the camera along, we made use of the boat hook to extend the reach and pass the camera to my first mate! Elise took the helm for a while before I engaged the auto pilot again. Elise yelled to Dylan...Look! We are on auto pilot! Dylan said me too as he proudly held up his hands (Eileen had command of Jinx)!!

I am always interested in how our boat looks to others. I am quite pleased! Thanks Eileen for catching some great shots!

The moon was almost full and you can't see it here, but the moonlight just shimmered on the bay. It was breath-taking! This Friday night sail will rank among some of the most memorable. Thanks for joining us Padre, Dylan and Elise!


The Cornell's said...

Great shots of your boat. :) I want to go sailing again.

ZapaPhoenix said...

wish we could be there!