Saturday, January 10, 2009

St. Mary's Cathedral

Sunday morning in Kuala Lumpur. I took a "teksi" to St. Mary's Cathedral, an Anglican church in Dataran Merdeka which means Independence Square. It was good to be in the house of the Lord!

The outside of the church

Hanging out with the ladies in the bookstore! They were so kind and really appreciated my visit. They were very interested in how I found them and were excited that it was via the web.

These kids were fascinated with the candles. The candles were lit and handed to people that were having their kids baptized. Five kids were baptized. Afterwards, everyone that had a candle (me included...don't ask me why) put the candles on a marble step at the base of the baptismal. It was so was so awesome!

This is John. He was very friendly but difficult to understand. He wanted my address so he could write to me. He doesn't have email. I gave him my business card and he gave me his address and phone numbers too! Not sure where this is going. If this encounter was anywhere but church, I would have deemed it sketchy! He was a gentle soul.

This is Peter. He is from England, but lives here now. He and I walked to the train station together. He was most helpful in terms of getting me to a teksi. We walked along a river to get there and he was explaining some of the history and different buildings and mosques along the way. I am thankful that I got many kisses from God today! Grace and peace to you!


The Cornell's said...

Chris! I was so excited to see all the new posts. It looks like you are meeting many great people. Did Eileen tell you there was a man at the train station in Chicago that reminded me of you? He really wanted me to cut the line and get on the train with the "special needs" people due to the fact that I am pregnant.
The bonsai pictures that you sent Joel are incredible! I still don't want to visit though due to the fact that I am 6 feet tall...
Enjoy the rest of your time! Miss you!

leah and matthew said...

woah chris!!! what adventures! i can't wait to hear all about it, oh my goodness. i'm excited you guys are coming down over the weekend. hopefully you won't be jet lagged too much. lots of love!